Thrill Rush 4

Thrill Rush 4 is a flash game where you control a character riding a roller coaster cart, steering that character clear of gaps on the tracks by switching lanes, jumping with a set trajectory or descending to a lower lane. Players must also be mindful of other riders, as collision with another rider from behind will result in losing one of three lives per level attempt. Progress through the level can be gauged by a meter at the bottom of the screen, evenly punctuated with checkpoint flags that serve as a respawning point in the event that the player’s character loses one of its lives. The controls are very simple; utilizing an interface whose menus can be operated through use of either a mouse or the touch screen of a tablet. Actual game play involves the use of the ↑ and ↓ keys.

thrillrush 4

Thrill Rush Game Controls

Thrill Rush 4 offers a good deal of replay as each level has listings for the player’s top score as well as three stars strewn throughout its course. Scoring is accomplished by collecting wads of cash, with a score counter that tallies up as the player’s character collects more of them in sequence to further emphasize how good the player is managing the course. While every wad of cash is worth 10 points, each of the three stars placed throughout a level is worth 250 points. As if their point value weren’t already enough of an incentive to collect them, most stars are placed within the middle or end point of a chain of cash icons to guide the player toward them.

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Beyond the obvious thrill of reaching a new high score, Thrill Rush 4 offers a multitude of options for spending the money collected in each level. The next screen that a player sees after clearing a level is a shop screen where the player can use the points from collecting money and stars to purchase nine different characters and a dozen different designs for the cart that every character and NPC rides, including a pair of lips, banana, dolphin, flying carpet and motorcycle.


The most recent sport is here! After occupying many holiday accidents, you’ve earned a significant popularity all around the world. Today all of the owner of rollercoaster ride needs you try their rollercoaster out until they could start it to the general public, but you simply want to ride the most death defying and thrilling ride just.

This kind of owner requests you to check their journey until they could discharge and with no doubt when the rollercoaster begins the paths begins collapsing. The sport has become a lot more thrilling and enjoyable than previously. With fresh phases and a great deal of exciting challenges will absolutely be value of your own time.

Controls of this game

The management of the game Is Actually Straightforward and easy to pick up

  • D or Right arrow key makes your cart quicken
    S or Down arrow key Permits You to ditch
    A or Left arrow key causes the cart to use brakes
    W or Up arrow key enables your cart to leap over obstruction

Review of this game

Like the preceding sequel that this game is actually addictive and fun to perform with. The visualization of every stage are superbly crafted with a great deal of difficult barrier to handle your way beforehand. In this game it’s possible to produce your cart accelerate and move atthe rate of your selection. Many old and new attribute was added and replaced so that the game is actually appealing and enjoyable to perform with.

Back in Thrill Rush 4 that the hurdles are extremely hazardous than previously so gamers might need to be very cautious and exact so as to endure the journey. The new challenges are rather catchy for instance the fire thrower — you confront this flame breathing pipe in the center of the trip on account of the inadvertent gas pipe leakage that are causing flame to hurl out from the pipe.

The fire thrower can be very deadly so try to prevent at all price. Another among this barrier is damaged monitors. After the incident happened a number of the monitors got badly damaged along with the cart can’t run independently, in case your cart measures on those damaged paths your cart will eliminate the balance and earn a drop, thus try to prevent these broken tracks. The paths are extremely easy to spot, it’ll be dented with claws and spikes scattered all around the place.

You’re on a rollercoaster along with an injury happens. Now, you Need to Restrain the knob and prevent the barriers on the way. Bear in mind that using a little mistake you could perish. Your carriage will proceed mechanically and also you may just jump or put low to conquer hazardous scenarios. You may face huge wheels, broken railings, walls… Attempt to”live” so long as possible.

Thrill Rush has Check-points and each time you die, you may play Again in the nearest checkpoint. The intriguing thing concerning Thrill Rush Is you could collect money on the way. Once You have sufficient Money, you could unlock new personality or buy fresh vehicles in Shop. Thrill Rush has two modes: Standard and Extreme. If You’re a newcomer, then I Believe you Should play Normal Mode. Fantastic luck and have a great time!

The Shop

The Shop remains like the preceding Areas of the sport, to Buy a product you need to accumulate the money lying about throughout the rollercoaster tracks as well as the more you accumulate the larger the thing you’ll have the ability to receive. The shop sells you plenty new avatar to perform around. Every one of the avatar are extremely unique in version. There are loads of cart layouts out there from the store that are extremely appealing. It’s possible to pick a total 100 version of cart in the store all them distinct from every other so buying them will surely make your trip pleasurable on the way.

Scores and accomplishment attribute

The score system stayed quite exactly the same as its preceding franchise, Your score increases with the assortment of the money which are lying Round the paths. The accomplishment is much more intriguing, now a Lot of attribute was including the previous ones. There Are Lots of secret Achievements through the whole game. So begin searching for your own Achievement straight away. If you enjoyed it, make Located on our site. These matches are totally free, so Don’t Hesitate to also talk about Them with friends and family !

How to Play:             

  • Use up arrow key to jump and down arrow key to lay low in Thrill Rush.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You can play Thrill Rush in full screen mode.
  2. Thrill Rush has 22 different languages to choose from.
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